17th Nordic Migration Research Conference: Flows, places and boundaries – migratory challenges and new agendas

Holley, P. (Talare: Ordförande)

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Workshop 17: Belonging Across Boundaries: The Mixed-Embeddedness of Transnational Migrants in a Nordic Context

Co-organized workshop with Sanna Saksela-Bergholm (Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki). WORKSHOP ABSTRACT Transnational migration has, since the early 1990s, emerged as a central theme within migration studies. In this vein, researchers have sought to develop new understandings of migrant groups that take into account both the migrants’ sustained ties to their countries of origin and the ties they have created as a result of their trajectories. The latter includes both the social networks fostered by transnational migrants in the localities or nation-states in which they reside and across diasporic communities that span the globe. The everyday lives of transnational migrants, then, exhibit a mixed-embeddedness in which daily lives are simultaneously lived within and across national borders. Embeddedness can be expressed both in the form of transnational discourses and practices, including dimensions of religious, socio-cultural and economic features, amongst others. As a result, symbolic and social boundaries are continuously negotiated as transnational migrants draw upon competing cultural discourses and practices to construct their memberships in multiple social groups. This workshop seeks abstracts that focus upon the collective identifications of transnational migrants. We solicit contributions with an emphasis upon transnational migration in a Nordic context. This may include, for example, research focusing upon communities of transnational migrants in one or more Nordic countries (e.g. Kurds in Sweden, Poles in Norway, Filipinos in Finland and Sweden) or the transnational ties of emigrants from the Nordic countries (e.g. Finns in the UK or Tanzania, Swedes in the USA). This workshop focuses upon the ways in which group boundaries are negotiated when constructing multiple collective identifications. We welcome empirical studies or theoretical contributions. Papers may be a work-in-progress or a preliminary draft of an article.
Period13 aug 201415 aug 2014
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PlatsCopenhagen, Danmark