Acces to Justice for all? Planning a legal needs study in Finland.

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In everyday life, people may face problems that raise civil legal issues, whether this is recognised by the person facing them, or not, and whether or not any action taken to deal with them involves the legal system. (See Genn 1999)
Studies show, that such justiciable problems or legal problems of everyday life involve for instance finances, debts, consumer problems, housing, family and family break-up and work. They may also occur in contact with different authorities or in navigating social benefits. People may solve or try to solve these problems in different ways; some resolutions involve the legal system but, in most cases, do not. Importantly the most desirable solution may involve involvement of legal expertise, such as lawyers or access to legal aid, but today researchers actively stress that a good solution is not necessarily a legal one.
So called legal needs survey studies are nowadays used, for studying legal problems of everyday life, along with resolution strategies or problems regarding them as well as vulnerable groups. Studies have been conducted around the world and particularly within the English-speaking world.
To days date there has been no national modern legal needs study carried out in Finland, although access to justice and for example access to lawyers and courts have been studied. This paper presents a plan for a legal needs study in Finland. It ponders upon what challenges may arise duplicating or translating the legal needs tradition into the Finnish context. The paper asks to what degree the upcoming study should be an updated replica of the landmark Paths to Justice study by Hazel Genn, as many international studies to different degrees have been, and to what degree and how it could include a Finnish and Nordic perspective?
Period22 aug 2019
HändelsetitelJustice for all? : Nordic Seminar on Criminal Law, Procedural Law and Criminology
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PlatsTurku, Finland