Antiracist activism and future-making under racial hostility in the Nordic countries

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  • Nevalainen, A. S. (Medlem i organisationskommitté)
  • Joséphine Gram (Medlem i organisationskommitté)

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Online panel discussion Antiracist activism and future-making under racial hostility in the Nordic countries Tuesday 24.1.2023
Time: 17:00-18:30 CET

For more than a decade, antiracist activism has spread across the Nordic region with notably activists of colour self-organising through social media sites, various kinds of movement building and cultural activities. Antiracist feminist and queer of colour groups have placed intersectionality at the centre of feminist politics. Urban movements have questioned the racial and class inequalities of the Nordic societies, as well as the punitive policies framed around ‘law and order’ and ‘ghettoplans’. Muslim activists have mobilized against Islamophobia. Black activism had a significant effect already before the broad-scale Black Lives Matter-demonstrations of 2020, and continues to do so. At the same time, racial hostility and harsh political environments, with increasing authoritarianism and far right influence, pose challenges for antiracist politics. How are antiracist agendas and critical perspectives arising from communities of colour promoted in such conditions and what kinds of strategies and tactics are needed? What are the prospects of making better futures through activism, self-organising and coalition building? How have critical questions regarding whiteness, power and privileges, raised by activists of colour, been taken up by other antiracist actors, feminist movements and social justice mobilisations – or have they?

In this panel discussion, Jasmine Kelekay (US/Finland/Sweden), Lene Myong (Norway/Denmark) and René León Rosales (Sweden) will engage with questions about the present and future of antiracism in the Nordic countries. The panel will be moderated by Suvi Keskinen (Finland).

Jasmine Kelekay is postdoctoral scholar at University of California, Berkeley, US, and affiliated researcher at the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism (CEMFOR), Uppsala University, Sweden.
Lene Myong is Professor of Gender Studies at Stavanger University in Norway.
René León Rosales is researcher at Multicultural Centre (Mångkulturellt centrum), Botkyrka in Sweden.…/personalen-pa-mkc/rene-leon-rosales/
Suvi Keskinen is Professor of Ethnic Relations at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

The panel discussion is related to the launch of the book Mobilising the Racialised ‘Others’. Postethnic Activism, Neoliberalisation and Racial Politics by Suvi Keskinen. The book is Open Access and can be read for free at…/mobilising-racialised…

This book provides an original approach to the connections of race, racism and neoliberalisation through a focus on ‘postethnic activism,’ in which mobilisation is based on racialisation as non-white or ‘other’ instead of ethnic group membership. Developing the theoretical understanding of political activism under the neoliberal turn in racial capitalism and the increasingly hostile political environment towards migrants and racialised minorities, the book investigates the conditions, forms and visions of postethnic activism in three Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden and Finland). It connects the historical legacies of European colonialism to the current configurations of racial politics and global capitalism. The book compellingly argues that contrary to the tendencies of neoliberal postracialism to de-politicise social inequalities the activists are re-politicising questions of race, class and gender in new ways.

The panel discussion is organized by The Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (CEREN), University of Helsinki…/ethnic-relations-and-nationalism

and the research project Intersectional Border Struggles and Disobedient Knowledge in Activism (Academy of Finland, 2018-2022)
Period24 jan. 2023
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