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Dear Giray,

Thank you for agreeing to review Manuscript ID bies.201800252 entitled "Systematic investigation of protein topology prediction algorithms" for BioEssays. I ask that you please try your best to complete your review within the next 10 days.

BioEssays guide for reviewers:
BioEssays operates a closed peer review procedure: reviewers must observe absolute confidentiality as soon as the manuscript is in their hands, and follow ethical codes of conduct that ensure that the manuscript's contents are not misappropriated – by anyone – for potential publication elsewhere, or for unfair scientific advantage. That confidentiality also extends to the knowledge that a particular reviewer has agreed to review a particular manuscript, and to the reviewer report itself. Reviewers must not reveal the contents of their review to anyone outside BioEssays’ Editorial, particularly not to other reviewers of the same manuscript.

In your review report, please discuss the originality, accuracy and completeness of the work. Has relevant literature been cited, for example? Comment on positive as well as negative aspects of the manuscript. State your criticisms clearly whilst keeping your language neutral and to the point: strongly worded attacks detract from the scientific content of a report, and legitimate criticisms might be dismissed as unbalanced. Further details of what is expected of authors for particular rubrics is to be found in the BioEssays rubric guide, attached herewith. Please refer to that document when reviewing this manuscript.

BioEssays has a broad readership, so we ask authors to write in a style accessible to biologists who are non-specialists in their particular field. Authors are advised to concentrate on important PRINCPLES in their body text, and not to mix so much accompanying detail with the principles as to confuse the important messages. Authors may place necessary detail (for more specialist readers) in tables or information boxes. Should you have comments or advice on that aspect of the manuscript, please communicate it in your reviewer report.

BioEssays trusts that a reviewer named in the request to review will, personally, review the manuscript her/himself. However, if you are a group leader, and one of your post-docs contributes to, or performs, the review, please make Editorial aware of that fact, and please check the report yourself before it is submitted.

On the reviewer report page in Manuscript Central, there is a space for "Confidential Comments to Editor" and a space for "Comments to the Author". Please be sure to put your comments to the author in the appropriate space. Please, in the spirit of open and constructive criticism, try to put as much as possible into the comments for the author, and as little as possible into the confidential comments to the Editor.

Accessing the manusript to review:
You may click on to take you direct to the ms awaiting your review, or enter via the general Manuscript Central site at .
Your case-sensitive USER ID is [email protected]

Once you are logged in, the Main Menu will be displayed. Please click on the Reviewing Center, where you will find the manuscript listed under "Awaiting Reviewer Scores". You can click on the manuscript title from this point or you can click on the "View Details" button to begin reviewing the manuscript.

When submitting your review, please also note whether you would be likely to cite the manuscript yourself.

Please note: It is essential that you click the "Save" button if you wish to exit the scoresheet before you submit it to the Editor. Otherwise, none of the information that you have entered will be saved in the system. When you have completed your review and are ready to submit it to the Editor, click on "Submit".

All communications regarding this manuscript are privileged. Any conflict of interest, suspicion of duplicate publication, fabrication of data or plagiarism must immediately be reported to me.

Thank you for evaluating this manuscript.

Best wishes,

Dr Andrew Moore
Period12 dec. 2018
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