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Dear Dr. Enkavi,

Thank you for agreeing to review Manuscript ID TJB.2018.0180 entitled "Understanding the impacts of self-shuffling on structure and function of EG3_S1 and EG3_S2 enzymes via molecular dynamics" for Turkish Journal of Biochemistry (TJB).

Please try your best to complete your review by 30-May-2018.

In your review, please answer all questions. On the review page, there is a space for "Comments to Editor" and a space for "Comments to the Author." Please be sure to put your comments to the author in the appropriate space.

To access just the manuscript for review directly with no need to enter log in details, click the link below:

To login to your account on the Turkish Journal of Biochemistry - ScholarOne Manuscripts site at, your case-sensitive USER ID is [email protected]. For security purposes your password is not listed in this email. If you are unsure of your password you may click the link below to set a new password.

Once you are logged in, the Main Menu will be displayed. Please click on the Reviewer Center, where you will find the manuscript listed under "Awaiting Reviewer Scores". You can click on the manuscript title from this point or you can click on the "View Details" button to begin reviewing the manuscript.
If you wish to view the manuscript and the review form simultaneously, click on the HTML or PDF icons – the manuscript will open in a new window. Leave the new window open, switch back to the main window, and open the score sheet by clicking on the Score Sheet tab. Follow the Instructions for Reviewers provided on the ScholarOne Manuscripts site.

Your opinion regarding acceptance, rejection or revision of this article is much appreciated. Please distinguish clearly in your comments between fundamental criticism of the article and any suggestions for improvement. Please also indicate any changes that you consider to be absolutely necessary (errors, absence of controls, etc.) and make recommendations regarding the length of the manuscript and whether any sections should be shortened.

We strongly encourage you to elaborate on your review in the space provided. It is essential that you click the "Save" button if you wish to exit the review before you submit it to the Editor. Otherwise, none of the information that you have entered will be saved in the system. When you have completed your review and are ready to submit it to the Editor, click on "Submit."

All communications regarding this manuscript are privileged. Any conflict of interest, suspicion of duplicate publication, fabrication of data or plagiarism must immediately be reported to us.

Thank you for evaluating this manuscript.

Kind regards
Masha Dorogova
TJB Journal Manager
[email protected]
Period9 maj 2018
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