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Dear Dr. Enkavi,

Thank you for agreeing to review the manuscript, "Lipid Modulation of a Class B GPCR – Integrating Native Mass Spectrometry with Molecular Dynamics Simulations", by Dr Schiøtt and colleagues, for Communications Biology. The due date for this review is in 14 days on 14th Sep 2021, unless otherwise agreed with the editor.

The quality of the journal's review process is extremely important to the success of Communications Biology and so the contributions of your scientific expertise to this process is most appreciated.

Communications Biology uses a transparent peer review system. If the manuscript is accepted, the authors may agree for the reviewer comments to the authors as well as the author rebuttal letters to be published as a supplementary file associated with the paper. Any confidential comments between you and the editor will not be published. By submitting a reviewer report you agree to the publication of the comments made to the authors. Unless you sign the report with your name in those comments to the authors, we will respect and maintain your full anonymity.

In the future, you can access the manuscript files directly by using the link below or by logging in to the site at, which requires a user name and password. If you do not know your login name or password, please click on the forgotten password link on this page and enter your full first and last name. The system will send you an email with a log in name and password for you to use. You will be prompted to change the password the first time you log in.

Communications Biology seeks to publish a broad range of papers detailing significant advances across the biological sciences. Primary research published in Communications Biology includes novel experimental results, secondary data analysis and innovative experimental and computational methods. We also consider submissions from adjacent research fields where the central advance of the study is of interest to biologists, for example, chemical biology, biophysics and biomedical engineering.

In reviewing the manuscript, please consider the following questions: Does the manuscript have technical or conceptual flaws that should prohibit its publication? If so, please provide details. Are the conclusions original? If not, please provide relevant references. Do you feel that the results presented are of immediate relevance for many people in your own discipline or for a broader audience? If you recommend publication, please outline briefly what you consider to be the outstanding features. If you feel that specific additional experiments would strengthen the case for publication in Communications Biology, please provide suggestions. Finally, we ask that you avoid submitting a marked-up copy of the manuscript as a review or review attachment. Further instructions for referees can be found on our web site at

You may be interested in a free online course offered by Nature Masterclasses: Focus on Peer Review.

We are now asking authors to complete a reporting summary to help improve the reproducibility of research published in the journal. We hope this form will aid in your evaluation of the paper and we would greatly appreciate your feedback on the information provided.

The content of the manuscript must be kept in strict confidence, and you should not make use of it in your own research before it is published. You should let us know if, on initial inspection and despite our efforts to avoid it, you realise that you have a commercial interest in its content. Similarly, if you are unable to assess the manuscript within the agreed upon time, we would appreciate it if you would let us know immediately via reply e-mail ([email protected]).

Many thanks for your help with this paper; we look forward to hearing from you.

Please click on the URL below to view the manuscript or submit your comments:


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Period31 aug. 2021
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