Digital Humanities Symposium on Conceptual Change

Mika Koistinen (Deltagare)

Aktivitet: Andra aktivitetstyperTyper av övriga aktiviteter - Övrigt


The intention of this event is to bring together researchers from digital and analog humanities who study conceptual change. One area of great but underused potential in such research is the use of digitized historical data, that is, data that was not born digital but has been digitized over the years. This data comes with its challenges, though, related particularly to OCR and variation in spelling. Our purpose is to convene together historians, linguists and data scientists to discuss concrete digital humanities case studies from different projects that have focused on conceptual change and that have addressed these difficulties in different ways. While the use of digital data and computational methods has been rapidly increasing in the humanities, often the focus is still on the possibilities that digitalization offers rather than on the concrete outcomes already achieved. We intend to address this issue by focusing especially on concrete case studies and outcomes rather than on future possibilities.

Central questions in this meeting are:
– What can we learn about conceptual change when using digital data and methods?
– How do we recognize conceptual change in digital data?
– How conceptual change should be studied with big digitized historical data?

The meeting provides a forum for researchers to discuss these questions and exchange knowledge on how conceptual change has been studied and should be studied in the rapidly changing research environment involving humanists, social scientists and data analysts.
Period7 dec 2015 - 8 dec 2015
VidHelsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Finland