(ESERA) European Science Education Research Association, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2013

Sharareh Majidi (Talare: Presentation)

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Conceptualizations of representation strategies and knowledge organization of high school teachers in Finland: “Magnetic flux density” and “Ampere’s law*

ESERA2013 is the 10th biannual Conference of the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA). Abstract: One of the main components of teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) refers to their representation strategies such as the use of appropriate examples, models, and experiments. On the other hand, the skill of organizing the concepts in a logical and meaningful way is a main element of teachers’ subject matter knowledge (SMK). In this study, two physics teachers in upper secondary schools in Finland were participated in an online English questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of a variety of questions about teachers’ knowledge of organization and their representation strategies concerning two topics of “magnetic flux density” and “Ampère’s law”. In order to give more insight into teachers’ representation strategies, lessons given by one of the teachers were videotaped and analyzed. Also, the constructed concept map of another teacher and its comparison with high school textbook, led us to better perception of teachers’ knowledge organization of the studied topics. Concepts of magnetic field and magnetic interaction were recognized as the core concepts in structure of the studied topics. The results of this study highlights useful representation strategies such as using appropriate and innovative devices for demos and experiments, stating the facts, everyday life examples, descriptive visual model, descriptive mathematical model, posing appropriate questions, reasoning (inductive and deductive), conducting experiments, and explaining the difficulties in physics. This study will help physics teacher to more systematically plan and organize their teaching of “magnetic flux density” and “Ampère’s law”. In collaboration with Dr. Markus Emden
Period2 sep 20137 sep 2013
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PlatsNicosia, Cypern