European Cell-Based Assays Interest Group-EuCai (Extern organisation)

  • Carina von Schantz-Fant (Medlem)

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European Cell-Based Assays Interest Group-EuCai ryhmän perustaminen

Provide state of the art cell based screening platforms that advance basic research and drug discovery towards improved prediction of clinical efficacy and safety. In particular, the interest group offers expertise in the development, characterization and application of advanced cell biological models such as 3D culture, co-cultures, primary cells and stem cells for screening purposes. By combining innovations in biological model development with new enabling technologies, EuCAI aims at providing cell based screening services and high content analysis solutions that offer enhanced scientific rigour, mechanistic understanding and clinical relevance to academic translational centres, SMEs and the pharmaceutical industry.

Mukana perustamassa EuCai järjestöä Dublinissa vuonna 2012

Body affiliation: perustajajäsen
Period18 feb. 201219 feb. 2012
VidEuropean Cell-Based Assays Interest Group-EuCai