Feeling the Climate

Aktivitet: Typer för deltagande i eller organisering av evenemangPublic Talks


A musically accompanied panel discussion on the role of bodily feelings and emotions in understanding climate change, with participants from different fields of science, art, and activism. The event was part of Henna Laininen's doctoral dissertation project.

Hosts: Henna Laininen and Kaisa Kortekallio
Speakers: Climate researcher Mikael Hildén (The Finnish Environment Institute), environmental researcher Panu Pihkala (University of Helsinki) and activist Paula Sankelo (Climate Parents Finland).
Trumpet: Markus Virtala
​Glacier soundscapes and modular synthesizer: Eero Nieminen and Tom Lönnqvist
Period1 dec. 2018
Typ av evenemang!!Other
PlatsHelsinki, FinlandVisa på karta