Interpretation of Decoloniality Through the Kitchen

LaFleur, W. (!!Invited speaker)

Aktivitet: Typer för tal eller presentation!!Invited talk


The lunch workshop framed coloniality in the kitchen through the historical trajectory of sugar as an extractivist, exploitative agricultural product of colonialism and primary driver of the transatlantic slave trade which simultaneously ushered in the transition to global capitalist modes of production and consumption. Today the consequences of this history are felt globally: from destructive modes of industrial-agricultural extractivism to the manipulation of bodies via physical addiction to sugar, drastic increases in obesity-caused diabetes, heart disease and various other health issues; as well as through the narrowing and flattening of taste preferences fostered by repeated daily intake of salty, fatty and sugary industrially processed foods.

The workshop explored the concept of de/coloniality in the kitchen through explicit multisensory means, giving taste, smell, and touch a spotlight role over linguistic conceptualising to enable learning of concrete, easily enacted food processing practices in a convivial setting. The hands-on workshop sought to re/establish sensorial connectivity to through the making and tasting of everyday food staples such as butter, sauerkraut, bread, sausage, and ketchup. The workshop suggested that it is through these everyday practices in the kitchen that we might begin to delink from the colonial matrix of power and toward alternative global futures.
Period17 jan 2020
HändelsetitelBurning Questions 2020: Decolonizing Education
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsOulu, Finland