Kaupunkitutkimuksen päivät 2019

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The Everyday City

Finnish Urban Studies Conference 2019 focuses on the everyday life of the city. The global city paradigm has been dominating urban studies for years and often global cities are brought forth as model cases alleged to encompass more universal urban trends, and as examples of success. Smaller cities and municipalities which also strive for prosperity participate in global city competition with similar means as the big cities.

However, the majority of the cities in the world do not fulfill the definition of a glamorous world city or global city, but are more ordinary, functional cities. Measured with happiness medium-sized or small cities profile in the surveys, and quite many of them seem to locate in Nordic countries: Helsinki, Århus, Reykjavik and Bergen often score highly in the outcomes, maybe because of their functioning daily practices and stable everyday.

The relations between the everyday and its implications and connections with urban success, well-being and practices will be explored in the sessions and papers of the conference. What is the significance of a functional everyday life for the inhabitants, and on the other hand in the city competition? Can a successful city be governed with similar strategy as a private corporation? Are the welfare services a part of a success? Who is the city built for? Can developing the city be combined with the housing needs of citizens? Who are the makers of the city? What is the role of citizen participation for cultivating the city? Can the everyday in a shrinking city be functional and enjoyable?

The history and experience of the urban everyday will be scrutinized as well. How has the everyday changed in the life of its inhabitants? Where are the ordinary everyday places? What structures the everyday experience: park, city centre, suburb, neighbours, forest, seashore, art museum? What is the relation between everyday and celebration?

We invite all interested in issues of everyday city to participate in the Urban Studies Conference 2019.

The official hashtag for the Urban Studies Conference 2019 is #ktp2019
Period25 apr. 201926 apr. 2019
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsHelsinki, FinlandVisa på karta