Language facilitator

  • Trond Trosterud (!!Consultant)
  • Sjur Moshagen (!!Consultant)
  • Rueter, J. (!!Consultant)
  • Lene Antonsen (!!Consultant)
  • Heli Uibo (!!Consultant)
  • Ciprian Gerstenberger (!!Consultant)
  • Marina Fedina (!!Consultant)
  • Heiki-Jaan Kaalep (!!Consultant)
  • Valts Ernstreits (!!Consultant)

Aktivitet: Konsulttyper!!Consultancy


Lexical development, Intelligent Computer-aided language learning, spell checker work and finite-state morphological description for morphologically challenging language forms including over 15 Finno-Ugric languages but also individual languages in the Americas and Europe
Periodaug. 2004 → …
Arbete förNorwegian Arctic University, Tromso Giellalt, Norge