L’emploi des formes d’adresse en français, italien et espagnol péninsulaire : Correspondances et différences

Havu, E. (!!Speaker)

Aktivitet: Typer för tal eller presentation!!Oral presentation


Forms of address in French, Italian and peninsular Spanish: resemblances and differences. In the three examined Romance languages, the system of pronominal forms of address derives from Latin, but in each of them, it has developed in a slightly different way. Nominal forms of address whose use and pragmatic function vary according to the language can accompany these pronouns. First, we shortly examine the diachronic development of forms of address and then focus on the speakers’ own representations of their actual use. The analysis is mainly based on three types of corpora collected according to identical principles (questionnaire, dialogues in contemporary novels and films). The examined sociolinguistic variables are age, the situation of communication and the relation between the speakers (cf. Brown & Gilman, 1966). The results are analysed from a contrastive point of view.
Period14 jun 2019
VidUniversity of Timisoara, Rumänien