10th International Conference of Young Folklorists

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Rap in Finland is based on US hip-hop performance, although it has evolved into something quite different in its 30-year history. The Finnish rap scene has many different local variants, such as language-based Sami rap, and regionalised groups, such as Jyväskylä or Itä-Helsinki-based rap. The feeling of home, locality and belonging varies from community to community and can be seen as part of local cultural practices. My studies aim to collect and research rappers’ thoughts on locality, local lore and performance. In this paper, I give some insight into Finland’s second largest city, Espoo’s, local rap scene and Espoo rappers’ feelings of home and neighbourhood. My Master’s thesis studied Espoo ’hood Olari, one of the birthplaces of the Finnish rap scene. I described how rappers here use their local knowledge and their social networks in the area to build their overall performance. Local lore, people and events are part of their lyrics and music videos. How does transnational hip-hop as a cultural phenomenon translate to Finnish neighbourhoods, and what is seen as ‘real’ or cultural heritage in Finnish rap?
Period19 maj 2021
Händelsetitel10th International Conference of Young Folklorists: Lore Makers, Law Breakers: Tradition, Change, and People
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