Onice Arango

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The research exchange visit funded by FinCEAL (Finnish University Partnership for International Development) had the main goal of organizing and preparing the field work I am going to do with Perpendicular in risk communities in Guatemala City during January and February 2018. The field work is part of the Academy of Finland funded project FCITIES: Fragile cities in the global South: Societal security, environmental vulnerability and representative justice. We start planning a common article about environmental risks in poor communities in Guatemala City.
We had a meeting with FinCEAL and the Ambassador of Guatemala in Sweden for future collaborations and support for our projects. At the same time, we had another meeting with Josue Moreno, researcher and lecturer in Sibelius Academy for a possible future project related to Virtual Urban Sonic Acupuncture in Guatemala City.
Also, Arango was part of a discussion panel about Forced Migration, organized in Think Corner as part of the Brown Bag Series of Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies-HCAS, 12.12.2017.
Period4 dec 201717 dec 2017
På besök frånPERPENDICULAR (Guatemala)
Besökares gradArchitect, masters degree urbanism