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Education export project to Pakistan by the Faculty of Educational Sciences

The Faculty of Educational Sciences and the Centre for Continuing Education HY+ of the University of Helsinki started a joint education export project to Pakistan in 2018. The project supports the development of teacher education and the professional development of the teaching faculty of the Government Elementary College of Teacher Education (GECE) in Karachi, Pakistan. The local project partner in Pakistan is a non-profit education company Durbeen whose long-term goal is to improve public school system in Pakistan. The teacher education programme at GECE starts in August 2019. The project’s first cooperation phase started with curriculum enrichment last fall. Now a group of experts from the Faculty of Educational Sciences was in Karachi holding a workshop and getting acquainted with the local context from the 7th to 19th June 2019. The academic leader of the project is Professor Leena Krokfors and the project leader from HY+ is Minna Saadé. The experts participating in the workshop were university lecturers Kaisa Hahl (language education) and Heidi Krzywacki (mathematics and science education), lecturer Marko Van Den Berg (history and social studies), doctoral student Lauri Pynnönen (education technology) and the administrative principal of the teacher training schools Tapio Lahtero (teaching practice and school leadership).
Period7 juni 201919 juni 2019
Typ av evenemangWorkshop
PlatsKarachi, PakistanVisa på karta