Interest in podcasting has increased exponentially, especially during the pandemic. Podcasts are digitized audio programs that are often formulated as episodes on a theme. They have been used in a variety of pedagogical ways including delivering lectures, student experiential learning, practice learning, connecting with community stakeholders and learning in the community. This presentation explores the use of podcasts as public scholarship through an analysis of the Social Work Routes Podcast.

The goal of the Social Work Routes Podcast is to present diverse narratives of paths into and within social work, which is defined broadly, in a conversational format. Guests have included academics, community activists, practitioners from different countries. The podcast seeks to provide a deep listening experience which blurs the lines between academic and public scholarship and is rooted in the experience of storytelling and community lifeworlds. It has had several thousand regular global listeners primarily aged 18-30 years. By presenting a slow conversation with a variety of guests with intersectional identities, the podcast seeks to extend public understandings of social work as a discipline and practice, but also as activism by using the principles of compassionate communication.

This presentation discusses the preliminary analysis of the first season of the podcast. A total of 23 episodes are currently being analyzed. It examines how guests have constructed their narratives into and through social work and activism, as well as how they reflect on its meaning. It then examines the main themes that emerged in the conversations and considers their significance to social work research.
Period7 apr. 2022
HändelsetitelEuropean Conference on Social Work Research
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsAmsterdam, HollandVisa på karta