Pursuing social and environmental sustainability through maritime heritage

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This paper presents the approaches of a newly-designed interdisciplinary research aimed at utilizing elements of maritime heritage in the pursuit of social and environmental sustainability for maritime communities in Greece and Finland. This research is planned to merge perspectives of maritime archaeological and ethnographic research with audio-visual methods and collaborative boundary work to promote sustainability awareness and education within social groups of different backgrounds and ages living by seas, lakes and rivers. With a focus on maritime heritage from Greece, the paper starts by explaining the potential of maritime archaeology, as an academic field to contribute to current sustainability initiatives due to its multidisciplinary nature and human-scale approach. Subsequently, the focus is turned to how the results from archaeological and ethnographic research regarding maritime heritage can be productively used for the application of audio-visual methods and collaborative boundary work with the goal to engage maritime communities with sustainability issues and boost their awareness and adaptability to current social and environmental problems that their region is experiencing.
Period24 nov. 202225 nov. 2022
VidUniversity of Tampere, Finland