Risk, uncertainty and policy (Research Network 22 Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty)

Haapasaari, P. (Närvarande)

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Addressing uncertainty in participatory modeling for fisheries management

Kjellrun Hiis Hauge, Christine Röckmann, Robert Aps, Ewen Bell, Päivi Haapasaari, Samu Mäntyniemi, George Tserpes, Clara Ulrich, Martin Pastoors (oral presentation by C. Röckmann) How many herring should be caught in the Baltic Sea? How should a catch quota be split between different fishing fleets? Reducing the scientific uncertainty around model output that provide answers to such questions, has long been perceived as the cure of the fisheries management problem. Nonetheless, uncertainty in the numbers will remain. A lack of transparent communication about uncertainty is dangerous because it can lead to mistrust and damage the credibility of science. The JAKFISH project (Judgment and knowledge in fisheries involving stakeholders) invited fisheries stakeholders to participate in the management problem framing process, and to give input and evaluate the models that are used to provide fisheries management advice. We developed questionnaires and other tools to assess and communicate about uncertainty around fish stock assessments and fisheries management questions. The paper briefly introduces selected European fishery case studies, presents the participatory modelling processes, the uncertainty tools used and the stakeholders’ responses to these. Benefits and drawbacks of addressing qualitative uncertainties are addressed. Further we reflect, whether the tools developed deserve a future in fisheries management.
Period23 mar 201125 mar 2011
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KonferensnummerMidterm Conference 2011
PlatsÖstersund, Sverige