The Tribunals in the Imperial Fora

Lopez Garcia, A. (!!Speaker)

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One of the most eloquent manifestations of Roman republicanism is found in the tribunalia. The space dedicated to justice is frequently mentioned in some sources from the Republican era and the High Imperial period. Nevertheless, their study has often been neglected from the physical point of view, as a consequence of the lack of tangible elements archaeologically. We know that in the Republican era the main courtrooms were built with ephemeral materials in the area of the Roman Forum. In the imperial era, the tribunals moved to the Forum of Augustus, where both praetor urbanus and praetor peregrinus were established. During the reign of Trajan and Hadrian those spaces were relegated and replaced by the Forum of Trajan and some adjacent sites, such as the auditoria found in Piazza della Madonna di Loreto, which represent one of the few examples of architecture linked to justice in Rome. In this paper I will discuss about the different spaces used by judicial magistrates during the Imperial era and until Late Antiquity.
Period20 maj 2019
HändelsetitelRoman Republicanism and its Spatial Manifestations
Typ av evenemangWorkshop
PlatsHelsinki, Finland