Toward sustainability education through narratives, arts-based methods and embodied learning

  • Vivitsou, M. (Ordförande)
  • Kirsi Aarbakke (Talare: Ordförande)

Aktivitet: Typer för deltagande i eller organisering av evenemangArrangemang av och deltagande i konferens/workshop/kurs/seminarium


Sustainability has become a must in the contemporary world. The work led, for instance, by the United Nations on Sustainable Development Goals builds up a framework towards a sustainability-oriented society. In policy, education is an essential dimension for a sustainable society. And yet, the objectives of universities promoting education and sustainability and the objectives of faculties are contradictory. Interpretations vary from context to context.
In this messy situation, the pathway to sustainability education remains ambiguous. Considering these, we propose a dynamic framework for Higher Education and Teacher Education aiming for pedagogical action through awareness raising and a deep, transformative understanding of sustainability-related issues. The proposed workshop aims to involve participants in discussions and activities that draw from aesthetics (narratives and video storytelling), arts-based education and embodied learning as well as insights from diverse learning experiences. Based on these, the workshop will conclude with possible recommendations for renewed Higher Education policies for sustainability education.
Period24 nov. 2022
Typ av evenemangSeminarium
PlatsTampere, FinlandVisa på karta