Turning quantity into quality and making concepts visible using computational means

Honkela, T. (!!Speaker)

Aktivitet: Typer för tal eller presentation!!Invited talk


A keynote talk in a Nordic Gösta Mickwitz seminar


Traditionally qualitative and quantitative methods have been distinct in their nature. It has become, though, commonplace to study complex phenomena using hybrid methods that combine the two approaches. A new approach has been emerging with the help of big data. It is claimed in this presentation that quantitative data becomes increasingly qualitative when large number of variables is being analysed. Another connection comes from quantitative analysis of qualitative data. A related, more specific question concerns how concepts and words are related to each other. It has been commonplace to use words as if there were representations of concepts. It is possible, however, to consider concepts as probabilistic and distributional items rather than symbols. Without referring to mathematical details, the implication of such theoretical and methodological framework is discussed.
Period9 feb 2017
HändelsetitelMickwitz seminarium
Typ av evenemangSeminarium
PlatsHelsinki, Finland