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Visiting the University of Namibia together with Niclas Sandström. We met Lecturer Pamela February (Department of Educational Psychology and Inclusive Education) and Dean Charmaine Villet (Faculty of Education) and planned for future collaboration. We presented our research plan to the group of teachers, professors and lectures of the Faculty of Education, and I presented the Programme of University Pedagogy, and what kind of support structure Uni of Helsinki offers for teachers and researchers. We also visited schools in Windhoek (Martti Ahtisaari school), private kindergarden, and schools in Swakopnoe and in Walvis Bay. In schools we famialiarised to problems teacher encounter in teaching, and how they aim to develop e.g. school gardening to improve learning environments. We also visited the HUB for local businesses, and interviewed Audrey Akwenye concerning how this type of HUB supports collaborations among people who have new business ideas.
Period4 nov. 201724 nov. 2017
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