Michael Chekhov (Interview in Russian)

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My interview by the Russain director of the TV programme dealt with Michael Chekhov´s work in emigration and his productions in the Western theatre

My research material and two Russian books (992, 1994, PhD. diss. 2000) and photos from my archive were used in the scenario of the TV program (2009). I also gave an interview to the producer (St.Petersburg, May 2009). The program appeared in January 2010 (Moscow RTR)


Michael Chekhov, the Russian actor and teacher of acting (1891 - 1955)
Period29 jan. 2010




  • TitelMichael Chekhov (Interview in Russian)
    Medianamn/-företagRTR Rossiia
    Typ av media!!Television
    PersonerLiisa Byckling