CID2013: A Database for Evaluating No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Algorithms

  • Toni Ilkka Olavi Virtanen (Skapad av)
  • Mikko Nuutinen (Medverkande)
  • Mikko Vaahteranoksa (Medverkande)
  • Pirkko Oittinen (Medverkande)
  • Jukka Häkkinen (Medverkande)



The CID2013 Camera Image Database consists of real images taken by consumer cameras and mobile phones. It is developed to provide useful tool to allow researchers target more commercially relevant distortions when developing processes of objective image quality assessment algorithms. The CID2013 database consists of 480 evaluated images captured by 79 imaging devices (mobile phones, DSC, DSLR) in six Image Sets. Note that the actual number of images in the database is 474. In Image Set II, Device 6 is evaluated twice as we wanted to test inter-observer reliablity. The scores are later combined into a single MOS value as the two evaluations correlated strongly. If you use this database in your research, we kindly ask that you follow the copyright notice bellow and cite the following paper: Virtanen, T., Nuutinen, M., Vaahteranoksa, M., Oittinen, P. and Häkkinen, J. “CID2013: a database for evaluating no-reference image quality assessment algorithms”, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 390-402, Jan. 2015.
Datum som det gjorts tillgängligt22 apr. 2019
Datum för dataproduktion4 dec. 2014

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