Data from: What data to use for forest conservation planning? A comparison of coarse open and detailed proprietary forest inventory data in Finland

  • Joona Lehtomäki (Skapad av)



    The results contained in this data package describe the spatial conservation priorities generated by the analysis software Zonation. The analyses and the results produced are based on a set of forest conservation indices derived from freely available, but relatively coarse multi-source forest inventory data produced and distributed by the Natural Resources Institute Finland. The original publication deals with comparing prioritizations based on coarse forest inventory data to those based on more detailed data. The authors compare the results to each other and to a set of independent validation datasets and conclude that while prioritizations based on coarse data are informative on larger spatial extents, using more detailed data is superior especially in finer scales. This data package only includes results of four out of the six analysis variants used in the study, namely the ones based on the coarser forest inventory data ("coarse", "coarseCon", "coarseClass", "coarseClassCon"). The results based on the more detailed forest inventory data cannot be share due to privacy issues. Please see the original publication for instructions on how to gain access to the raw data used in the analyses.
    Datum som det gjorts tillgängligt28 aug. 2015
    Tidsmässig täckning1 jan. 2007 - 31 dec. 2010
    Datum för dataproduktion28 aug. 2015
    Geografisk täckningSouthern Savonia, Finland

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