Gold standard for the morpheme alignment between the Hebrew, Greek and Finnish Bible



This material contains, first, freely distributed copies of the Hebrew Bible (Leningrad Codex) and the Greek New Testament (an old Nestle-Aland's edition) as well "the old (1938/33) Finnish Bible translation" that contains the translation of both the Old and the New Testament in the Finnish language. Secondly, the material contains a gold-standard quality (manually annotated and verified) morpheme-alignment between Hebrew and Finnish for the Old Testament and between Greek and Finnish for the New Testament. This means, altogether, roughly a million bilingual associations between the language pairs, all manually verified. The material has been used the publication of 2-volume analytical concordance to the Finnish Bible, similar to Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible, but the Finnish concordance was more detailed and comes with quite detailed morphological and phraseological analysis. Thirdly, the material contains freely available (less detailed) morphological analysis for both the Greek and Hebrew text reading that have (presumably) been used as source text when the Finnish Bible translation has been produced in the early 1900's. The currently chosen reading is hypothetical reconstruction and is different from the reading proposed by the freely available version of the Nestle and Aland editions we had at hand. The reconstruction is due to the editors of the concordance in 1990s. For Licenses, see the directories. In overall, the source texts and their morphologies are freely available and redistributable and included here for consistency. The Finnish translation is also freely available. The hypothetical reading and its alignment with the translation were proprietary but are now released under a license that allows redistribution. The alignment between the hypothetical reading and the reading available in the standard sources have been created in 2018. The material will be published in GitHub in September 2018.
Datum som det gjorts tillgängligtsep 2018
FörlagHelsingin yliopisto
Tidsmässig täckning1938
Datum för dataproduktion1992 - sep 2018

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Yli-Jyrä, A. (Skapad av), Purhonen, J. (!!Editor) (sep 2018). Gold standard for the morpheme alignment between the Hebrew, Greek and Finnish Bible. Helsingin yliopisto.