Helsinki Region Travel CO2 Matrix 2015



Helsinki Region Travel CO2 Matrix 2015 is a dataset that contains information on CO2 emissions of journeys made by public transportation (PT) and private car in the Capital Region of Helsinki. In addition, the dataset contains information on how many transfers were made during a PT journey and what is the average fuel consumption for a car journey. The CO2 emissions are calculated based on the distance traveled with different travel modes on an individual route multiplied with specific carbon emission factors. Carbon emission factors are based on the Helsinki Region Transport (HRT) carbon calculator. The same information is also displayed in the HRT Journey Planner. The travel information in the CO2 matrix is based on the Helsinki Region Travel Time Matrix 2015 dataset. The CO2 dataset is available for year 2015.
Datum som det gjorts tillgängligt2015
FörlagAccessibility Research Group
Tidsmässig täckning2015 - 2015
Datum för dataproduktion21 dec. 2015
Geografisk täckningPääkaupunkiseutu

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