FBES/OEB/SenPEP meteorological station

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    A weather station located in the research field at the Viikki Campus of the University of Helsinki.

    Differently to standard meteorological stations data are logged for most variables at 1 min intervals, as means of 12 measurements taken at 5 s intervals. Hourly and daily summaries are also stored.

    Currently the station logs more than 40 variables, a few of them from multiple sensors. Special emphasis is on solar radiation, with measurements of photon irradiance for UV-B, UV-A, blue, red and far-red, and global energy irradiance. Differently to measurements of erythemal, i.e., biologically effective UV radiation more commonly available, UV-A and UV-B irradiances are measured separately and without applying a spectral weighting function.

    With the most recent upgrade we started measurements of the profile of soil temperature, water content and electrical conductivity. Surface temperature is measured on vegetation and/or bare soil with non-contact (infrared) sensors.

    The usual air temperature, water vapour pressure, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall are also recorded. The data are available on request. The radiation data for the winter period are less reliable than for the growth season, and there are also some gaps in past winters for all variables.

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