Flow Cytometry Core Facility

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    Viikinkaari 9 (P.O. Box 56)

    Biocenter 2, 4402

    00014 University of Helsinki




HiLIFE Biocenter Flow Cytometry Research Infrastructure in The Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences provides flow cytometry analysis services and training for new users. Flow cytometry is a method which allows characterization of individual cells or particles by using different fluorescently labeled probes (phenotyping). At this moment, Biocenter Flow Cytometry has LSRII and LSRFortessa flow cytometers. The instrument is located at Biocenter 1 (Viikinkaari 9 C), 4 th floor, lab 4402.

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Oncolytic adenoviruses coated with MHC-I tumor epitopes increase the anti-tumor immunity and efficacy against melanoma

Capasso, C., Hirvinen, M., Garofalo, M., Romaniuk, D., Kuryk, L., Sarvela, T., Vitale, A., Antopolsky, M., Magarkar, A., Viitala, T., Suutari, T., Bunker, A., Yliperttula, M., Urtti, A. & Cerullo, V., 2016, I : OncoImmunology. 5, 4, 11 s., 1105429.

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