Helsinki University Lipidomics Unit

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    Viikinkaari 1 (P.O. Box 65)

    Biocenter 3

    University of Helsinki





The Helsinki University Lipidomics Unit is a co-operational venture of the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Faculty of Medicine consisting of two lipidomics laboratories located at the Department of Biosciences (Viikki campus, run by docent Reijo Käkelä / Functional Lipidomics Group) and Institute of Biomedicine (Meilahti campus, run by docent Pentti Somerharju / The Somerharju Lipid Group).  The Lipidomics Unit is an academic research and service core facility which provides services subject to charge for research groups, companies and authorities. We are serving different research fields of life sciences widely; customers are from medical, biological, environmental and veterinary sciences. Our strengths are mass spectrometry-based lipidomics and gas chromatography of fatty acids followed by multivariate data analysis. We have experience in metabolic studies utilizing labeled precursors.
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