Collaborative and Interoperable Computing Group - CINCO

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    PL 68 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b), Exactum, D221





Collaborative and interoperable computing group focuses on inter-organizational collaboration challenges. The group develops global infrastructure facilities, software engineering methodologies and tools, and control solutions that address not only technical but also business requirements.

The CINCO group mission is to develop solutions for service interoperability and management of dynamically formed business service collaborations and peer communities.

Our vision is that in future, individual users, enterprises or public organizations can easily compose new services from open service markets, or establish temporary collaborations with complex peer relationships. Furthermore, these contract-governed collaborations can be managed by all involved parties. All this is supported by a global infrastructure with facilities for interoperability control and contract-based community management (establishment, control and breach recovery) among autonomous organization;  this infrastructure also takes responsibility of governing trust and privacy-preservation issues.  The support environment is complemented with service-oriented software engineering practices that enable semantic and pragmatic interoperability management.


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