Institute of Biotechnology is an internationally renowned research institute with an inclusive and curiosity driven working culture. Using cutting-edge infrastructures we advance breakthrough discoveries, technology development and innovations. Our mission is to advance fundamental discoveries in biosciences for the benefit of people and the environment. We study biological phenomena from molecules to organs and from organisms to the environment. We foresee that future challenges demand profound understanding of biological processes and their dynamics. We train new generations of bioscience experts acting globally.
Institute of Biotechnology is one of the three operational units at HiLIFE, the Helsinki Institute of Life Science.


  • 118 Biovetenskaper
  • 1181 Ekologi, evolutionsbiologi
  • 1182 Biokemi, cell- och molekylärbiologi
  • 11831 Växtbiologi
  • 11832 Mikrobiologi och virologi
  • 1184 Genetik, utvecklingsbiologi, fysiologi
  • 3111 Biomedicinska vetenskaper
  • 3112 Neurovetenskaper

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