Vatén Research Group

We study how environmental information is integrated into plant development and growth. We approach this broad issue by looking at the stomatal lineage, an emerging model system with important role in gas exchange and global plant-climate interactions. Our newly established research group consists of Academy Research Fellow Anne Vatén, postdoctoral fellow Sara Forlani and doctoral researchers Miki Iida and Kaotar Elhazzime

Stomatal development is plastic: this can be seen as a response of stomatal density, for example, to elevated atmospheric CO2, which leads to reduced stomatal numbers. By combining forward and reverse genetic approaches we investigate how stomatal developmental plasticity is regulated and how different tissues contribute to this process. To address these questions we utilize molecular genetics and use Arabidopsis stomatal lineage as a model system. Currently, we are in the process of establishing new tree model systems for stomatal developmental studies. Our goal is to dissect genetic basis of plant-environment interaction by focusing on regulatory mechanisms controlling stomatal development. How environmental changes will modify the development, growth, and the gas-exchange ability of plants requires immediate attention since vegetation is increasingly exposed to rapid changes in global climate.


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