Ville Holmberg's research group / Infections in Migrants



The focus of our research is infections in migrants. We are looking at various infections and their risk factors in refugees, undocumented migrants and other vulnerable minority groups. Infectious diseases we are studying includes covid-19, hiv, tuberculosis and malaria.

Current projects and collaborations:

  • COVID-19 in language minorities in Finland
    • We are analyzing the association of the first language of Covid19-patients with the incidence, need for hospitalization and ICU -treatment and mortality.


  • Multriesistant bacteria in asylum seekers (MD Tuomas Aro)
    • We are collecting samlpes for analysis of carriers of multi-resistant bacteria from asylum seekers att reception centers in the Helsinki region.


  • ImmuHubs
    • A EU-funded project together with THL for promoting vaccine coverage in vulnerable migrant populations. We are planning to start vaccinations for undocumented migrants at Global Clinic in Helsinki.


  • Solidarity Finland (WHO:s randomized multicenter study for COVID-19 therapies)

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