Alexander Sennikov


1965 …2024

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MSci. from the St. Petersburg State University, Russia (1995)

PhD. from the Komarov Botanical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia (2002)


Positions held:

since 2006 – Curator at the Botanical Museum, Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki

before 2006 – Senior researcher at the Herbarium of the Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg)


Membership in professional societies and organizations:

since 1998 – Moscow Society of Naturalists

since 1998 – International Association for Plant Taxonomy

since 2003 – Russian Botanical Society

since 2003 – Estonian Society of Naturalists

since 2006 – Latvian Dendrological Society

since 2008 – Societas Biologica Fennica Vanamo (Finland)

since 2009 – Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica (Finland)

Information om forskning och undervisning

My work is about taxonomy, phylogeny, distribution and nomenclature of vascular plants, focusing taxonomically on Asteraceae (Cichorieae and Cardueae) and Rosaceae (Malinae) and territorially on Europe, Central Asia and South-East Asia.

My main research project at the University of Helsinki is Atlas Florae Europaeae, the large-scale grid mapping of the distribution of vascular plants in Europe.

In taxonomy, I am involved in revisions of Hieracium s.l., Lactuca s.l., Cousinia s.l. (Asteraceae), Cotoneaster and Sorbus s.l. (Rosaceae). I am also contributing to the phylogeny of Cichorieae and Cardueae (Asteraceae).

In revisions of particular territories, I am contributing to the flora of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Finland and Russia.

Additionally, I am involved in revision of nomenclature of particular plant groups and in general questions of plant nomenclature. This activity is resulted from my participation in the Nomenclature Committee for Vascular Plants (at International Association for Plant Taxonomy).

Serving the botanical community, I act as Subject Editor (Asteraceae, Rosaceae, Central Asia, Plant Nomenclature) for Nordic Journal of Botany, Phytokeys and Phytotaxa.


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