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2016-now University of Tampere, Department of Language, Literature and Translation: French language & subject teacher.

2016-now University of Helsinki, Comparative Literature Department: Researching the construction of authenticity & identity in the contemporary literature of travel (1945-now) in English and in French. This project relies on a comparison between two recent trends in travelogues: the experience of homogeneity in globalised cities and the desire to escape it into remote natural places. The travellers I analyse choose either to immerse themselves in saturated economic centres such as London or Hong Kong, or they choose to part from the crowd of tourists and go off the beaten track. The first part of the project focuses on the following works:

  • The Global Soul (2001), by Pico Iyer

  • Travels in Hyperreality (1986), by Umberto Eco

  • Amérique (1986), by Jean Baudrillard

  • L'Empire des Signes (1970), by Roland Barthes

Previous research interests include comparisons of the poetry of T. S. Eliot and Baudelaire.

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Teacher, University of Tampere

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