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Tissue engineering and Regenerative Medicine 

My research activities are mainly focused on the development of functional tissues by using tissue engineering. The aim is to join together human stem cells, hybrid biomaterials and promising tissue engineering strategies (bioprinting and cell sheet technology) to create new artificial tissues. This translational research work ranges from the development of systems for printing living cells to the use of bioreactors to regulate stem cell differentiation. These artificial tissue constructs allow us to investigate the role of self-organization of cells and different biological process involved in tissue repair. My personal interest is the creation of 3D networks for in vitro vascularization through applying layer-by-layer additive biofabrication.

Utbildning information

  • Doctor (International) in Engineering. 27th March 2013. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • (Prize for the best Thesis in the University of La Rioja in 2013)
  • Master PhD (Inter-universities Program) in Project Management. Spain. 2010.
  • Degree of Electrical Engineering. School of Engineering. Universidad de La Rioja. Spain. 2009.
  • Master of Industrial Engineering. School of Engineering. Universidad de La Rioja. Spain. 2002.
  • Degree of Engineering in Industrial Electronics. Universidad de La Rioja. Spain. 1999.


Dr. Andres Sanz-Garcia has combined 10 years of industrial career with the academic career since 2009. He started his PhD in 2010, publishing the partial results on peer-reviewed scientific journals, proceedings and reviewed book chapters. His first JCR indexed article was published in 2012 (second year PhD); and since then, they have published 21 papers in journals, increasing significantly the number and quality of his publications during last two years. A total of 7 papers are also under revision or recently submitted. He has originally educated in engineering but presently he is focused on th interdisciplinary field of tissue engineering. Given that, some of the previous works produced during his short pre-doctoral period couldn’t be sent before for publication. Among the main achievements obtained, it highlights that he has authored around a total of 80 scientific publications, comprising:

  • 21 published journal full papers (since 2012),
  • 11 reviewed books sections (since 2011),
  • 2 scientific book chapters and 8 monographs as co-author (since 2011),
  • 37 peer review conference communications, 10 non-peer review (since 2010)
  • 1 patent approved under commercialization.

Complete list of publications and citation data can be found at following links:

Work experience in academy and docentships

  • Post-Doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki for the project Academy of Finland No. 273689 (FINSKIN) awarded to Dr. Escobedo-Lucea. Sept. 2013 - ...
  • Fellowship in the Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science. Tokyo Women's Medical University, TWIns, Japan. Jun. 2014 - ...
  • Post-Doctoral researcher at the Universidad de La Rioja. Department of Food and Agriculture. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Apr. 2013 - Jul. 2013.
  • Assistant professor at the Universidad de La Rioja. Place: Department of Mechanical Engineering. Area of Materials Science. Sept. 2009 → Aug. 2012.

International visits

  • Tokyo Women's Medical University. Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science, Japan. Jun. 2014 - ... 
  • University of Helsinki, Finland. Jul. 2013 - ... Aug. 2013. 
  • Principe Felipe & Univ. de Valencia, Comparative Neurobiology, Spain. Oct. - Dec. 2012. 
  • Aalto University. Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT), Finland. Jun. - Aug. 2012. 
  • Aalto University. Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT), Finland. Jun. - Aug. 2011.
  • University of Bacau. Catedra Utilaje de Proces, Ingineria Mediului si Ingenierie Fizica, Romania. May. 2011. 
  • University of Bologna. DIEM Department of Mechanical building Engineering, Aeronautic and Metallurgic, Italy. Apr. 2011.


  • University of La Rioja best Science PhD Thesis of 2013, Spain.
  • Innovation Prize 2010 at University category as member of EDMANS research group, Spain.

Memberships and positions of trust

  • Chair of Student and Young Investigator Section (TERMIS-SYIS-AP) since Jan 2016 - Dec 2019.
  • Society Member of the The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine (JSRM) since 2014.
  • Society Member of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) since Jun 2012.
  • Member of the Valencian Human Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine Society since 2011.

Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Engineering, Universidad de La Rioja

Tilldelningsdatum: 1 jun 2010

Externa befattningar

Postdoctoral Researcher, Tokyo Womens Med Univ, Tokyo Women's Medical University, Inst Adv Biomed Engn & Sci, Shinjuku Ku

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  • 3111 Biomedicinska vetenskaper
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  • 222 Övrig teknik och teknologi

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