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I returned to the University of Helsinki, as University Lecturer in Nordic Studies, in February 2020.

In addition to comparative and transnational studies of Nordic societies, my research interests lie in the history and society of Europe during the “Long Nineteenth Century”. Most recently I have been working on themes relating to famine – especially the Great Finnish Famine of the 1860s and its commemoration, poor relief, comparisons with other catastrophes (notably the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s), and the phenomenon of international aid (both from the donor and recipient perspective). More generally, I have been working on a wider project examining comparisons and contrasts in Irish and Finnish history – something that kept me particularly busy during 2016-17, when both countries commemorated significant centenaries.

Although I am Irish, I was educated in Scotland (St. Andrews, MA Hons 1996; Edinburgh, PhD, 2001) and my PhD investigated links between Irish and Scottish land reformers and labour activists in the 1880s-90s. I have held academic positions at the University of Edinburgh (lecturer), University of Aberdeen (senior lecturer), and have enjoyed three spells in Institutes of Advanced Study (Helsinki, 2010-12; Aarhus, 2017-18; Tampere, 2018-20). From 2012 to 2017 I was the Principal Investigator on the Academy of Finland project, “‘The Terrible Visitation’: Famine in Finland and Ireland, c. 1845-1868”, which compared elements of the history, and historiography, of the Great Famines in Ireland (1840s) and Finland (1860s).

Since 2008, I have been Docent in European Area and Cultural Studies at the University of Helsinki, and I am interested in a wide variety of historical and contemporary topics, from a range of disciplinary perspectives. In pursuing both transnational and comparative research, I enjoy questioning some of the accepted norms of European 'national' narratives. My recent research projects have examined the aid which flowed around northern Europe in the 1860s, both from donor and recipient perspectives. In particular, I have analysed the motivations for such charitable interventions, especially the idea of “psychological proximity” whereby donor individuals or states imagine an affinity with the recipients of the donations. Though this type of study, it is possible to analyse the interconnectedness of nineteenth-century Europe, the flexibility of externally-imposed identities, and observe important continuities with twenty-first century aid campaigns.



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Internationellt och inhemskt samarbete Publikationer och projekt inom de senaste fem åren.


“The Evils Which Have Arisen in My Country”: Mary Power Lalor and Active Female Landlordism during the Land Agitation

Newby, A. G., jan 2020, (!!Accepted/In press) I : Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

A Swedish View of Galway in 1893: Hugo Vallentin's 'Letters from Home-Rule Land'

Newby, A. G., jan 2019, I : Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society . 70, s. 1-16

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

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"A True Friend of Scandinavia": Michael Davitt's Northern Travels of Summer 1904

Newby, A., 6 maj 2019, Ireland and the North : Reimagining Ireland Vol. 91. Barber, F., Dybris McQuaid, S. & Hansson, H. (red.). Oxford: Peter Lang , s. 121-147 27 s. (Reimagining Ireland).

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/konferenshandlingKapitelVetenskapligPeer review

"Happiest Leading a Crusade": Edward McHugh 1853-1915

Newby, A., jun 2019, Edward McHugh . Unite Education , s. 16-21 6 s.

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/konferenshandlingKapitelAllmänheten

Nordic Museums and their history

Newby, A. G., 25 feb 2019,

Forskningsoutput: Övriga bidrag

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The Nordic Society in Cross-disciplinary and Transnational Perspectives (NordSoc)

Ahokas, M., Alanko, A., Alapuro, R., Aunesluoma, J., Blomberg-Kroll, H., Borioni, P., Brisku, A., Fellman, S., Forsander, A., Glover, N., Götz, N., Haapakorpi, A., Haggrén, H., Hannikainen, M., Haldén, P., Heikkinen, S., Helander, M., Hilson, M., Hopkins, T., Huhta, I., Jalava, M., Kallio, J., Kananen, J., Kettunen, P., Kroll, C., Laine, J. M., Lauren, J. S. I., Lloyd, C., Marjanen, J., Marklund, C., Muir, S., Newby, A., Nordberg, C., Nygård, S., Outinen, S., Pellander, S., Prutsch, M., Rainio-Niemi, J., Riska, E., Roumpakis, A., Räisä, T., Saaritsa, S., Stadius, P., Stenius, H., Strang, J., Stråth, B., Suoranta, A. M., Syrjämäki, S., Wahlbeck, Ö., Vauhkonen, J., Wrede, S. & Österberg, M.

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Jeremiah Dalziel Prize in British History

Andy Newby (!!Recipient), jul 1998

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Maclehose-Dickinson Prize in Scottish History

Andy Newby (!!Recipient), apr 2003

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RSE / CRF European Research Fellowship

Andy Newby (!!Recipient), sep 2007

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The Long Nineteenth Century in Ireland and Finland

Andy Newby (!!Speaker)
9 mar 2020

Aktivitet: Typer för tal eller presentation!!Invited talk

Talviseminaari - Jyväskylän yliopiston historian ja etnologian laitos

Andy Newby (Talare: Presentation)
13 feb 202014 feb 2020

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Deustuko Unibertsitatea - Schuman 2.0 Grassroots Workshop

Andy Newby (Närvarande)
6 mar 2020

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Hunger Crises in the Europen Periphery

Andy Newby (!!Invited speaker), Antti Häkkinen (!!Invited speaker), Henrik Forsberg (!!Invited speaker), Miikka Voutilainen (!!Invited speaker), Cormac Ó Gráda (!!Invited speaker), Jari Eloranta (!!Speaker)
27 jan 2020

Aktivitet: Typer för tal eller presentation!!Oral presentation

Nordic Horizons - "Letter from Finland"

Andy Newby (Deltagare)
29 mar 2020

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Maailmanpolitiikan arkipäivää - Hajoaako Britannia?

Andy Newby


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Interview: The Finnish Famine & Nälkä! exhibition

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150 vuotta sitten ihmisiä kuoli nälkään Kivijärvellä

Andy Newby


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Nälänhätä oli henkilökohtaista kärsimystä

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