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Anna Uitto is the professor in biology education and the leader of the research group focusing on biology education and the education for sustainable development (ESD). Anna Uitto is the docent in the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, where Baltic Sea ecology was her research area until 2000. After pedagogical studies she worked as university lecturer in the Faculty of Educational Sciences and she was appointed as the professor in 2013. She is the person in charge in biology education in the Candidate and Master programmes in Arts and in the corresponding doctoral level studies (SEDUCE) in the Faculty of Education. She is the member of the steering group of the Science Education Centre (LumA) in the University of Helsinki and in the Faculty of Education she leads a research and development project, which is a part of the activities of the LUMA Centre Finland. Currently she is the member of the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS). Also, she is a member in the research coordination group in the SIRENE network. She has published numerous scientific articles on biology education, science education and ESD as well as Baltic Sea ecology in scientific journals, conference publications and as paragraphs of books. Some of her research projects have been financed for instance by the Academy of Finland and by the foundations supporting scientific research. Her research interests are teacher education, teaching methods, especially inquiry-based learning (IBL) in biology, conceptual learning, out-of-school learning environments, especially teaching and learning in nature environments, as well as sustainability education especially the role of school culture in ESD. Currently she also has research and development projects on gene education and ESD in the upper secondary school as well as on the use of gaming and IBL approach in primary and secondary school field education. Besides research, she has published learning material for teacher education and science education for primary schools.

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Tilldelningsdatum: 15 maj 2000

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