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I am the leader of the Insect Symbiosis Ecology and Evolution (ISEE) research group at the University of Helsinki.

Host-symbiont interactions within insect communities provide ideal study systems to investigate diverse eco-evolutionary processes. I started to investigate these topics during my PhD studies. I was then trying to explain the observed variations in prevalence and penetrance of a Wolbachia infection in different populations of a tropical butterfly species. Since then, my interest for the understanding of the Dynamics, Ecology and Evolution of host-symbiont interactions has grown further. Currently I am investigating various symbiosis within an insect food-web, in an attempt to identify how those micro-organisms may influence insect communities.

I am also involved in teaching at the University of Helsinki, and at the Lund University, where I am currently on a mobility period.

More information about my previous research and publications can be also found at : www.anneduplouy.net


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