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Personlig profil


Anni Jääskeläinen is a postdoctoral researcher, currently working with the research project “Temporal movement and manner of motion”. Jääskeläinen’s present research subject are sti-adverbs (e.g. kauniisti, pahasti, nopeasti, toivottavasti, ‘beautifully’, ‘badly’, ’quickly’, ’hopefully’) in depictions of manner and in other uses, and expressions of manner as constructions. Previously she has researched e.g. the Finnish ideophones, sound symbolism and subordination. Her doctoral thesis was a comprehensive study of the Finnish imitatives (undeclinable, onomatopoetic interjections) in and as constructions. Jääskeläinen’s areas of expertise are cognitive linguistics, construction grammar, syntax, and sound symbolism. Her other interests are the relationship between music and language, multimodality, the embodied nature of language, metaphor, and writing and editing.


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