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I am a lichenologist studying evolution, systematics and conservation biology. I am especially interested in uncovering the diversity of lichens, and finding out how intrinsic and extrinsic factors affect the speciation and eco-evolutionary dynamics of these fascinating symbiotic organisms. Since 2007, I have conducted research on several lichen genera and their photobionts from across the world. I am specialised in genus Micarea, a wide-spread and diverse group of small crustose lichens.

After my PhD, that focused on taxonomy and systematics, I wanted to develop my skills and embark broader questions. As a postdoc in 2019, I spent several months in Uppsala (Evolutionsmuseet) and Frankfurt (Senckenberg Museum), and at the moment I live and work in Helsinki (Luomus). I use Micarea as a model to study evolutionary questions and speciation. In addition, I am involved in projects on conservation biology of lichens in natural and managed forests. I am also the developer and supervisor of a project that studies how climate change and snow depth affect subarctic lichen diversity. 

As methods, I use modern and traditional applications, that include microscopy, morphological characters, TLC, DNA methods (barcoding, metabarcoding and multi-gene data) and computational tools. Natural history collections are at the heart of my research. I also value cooperation and enjoy working alongside researchers who have different ideas and skills.

I teach at the university and have completed pedagogical studies focusing on higher education. As a university teacher, I emphasise student-focused strategies, and support deep learning, social learning and motivation. I’m also deeply interested in scientific communication and journalism, and took part in Suomen Luonto #Muutos-magazine training for scientists in 2019.

I have positions of trust as a member of the Finnish Red List committee and Finnish Nomenclature committee for lichens, and as a chair for the Finnish Biological Society Vanamo and Finnish Zoological and Botanical Publishing Board SEKJ.

My name has changed: I published as Annina Launis until the end of 2019, and since that, as Annina Kantelinen.


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