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My postdoctoral research (2017->), funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Alfred Kordelin Foundation, examines antimodern thought and sensibility in literature with a focus on Finnish essayists. I also work as a member in the project Arctic Hysteria: Strange Northern Emotions, funded by the Kone Foundation (2020-2022), and collaborate with the Academy of Finland project Mediated Arctic Geographies.

Doctoral dissertation:
Miten tulla sellaiseksi kuin on? Autenttisuus ja itsestä vieraantuminen Joel Lehtosen varhaistuotannossa [How to Become What One Is? Authenticity and Self-Alienation in Joel Lehtonen's early works] (2016).

A review of the dissertation in Finnish:


Main areas of interest: Joel Lehtonen, fin de siècle, decadence, modernity, antimodernism, the essay, multidisciplinary study of emotions and affects, literary history.

Teaching in Finnish literature

A lecture course on Finnish contemporary literature, Open university, summer 2021.

A lecture course on the history and theory of the essay, Open university, summer 2017, and University of Helsinki, autumn 2020.

Lecture courses on early 20th century Finnish literature in the Open University, autumn 2013, spring 2015, summer 2017, and summer 2019.

Exams on 19th century, early 20th century, and contemporary Finnish literature in the Open University, 2013-2021.

A course on the Finnish Fin de Siècle, spring 2014 and 2015.

A literature circle for first year students of Finnish literature, 2011-2014.


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