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Anu Lahtinen (Docent, Fil. dr, ED) är universitetslektor i historia och professor i Finlands och Nordens historia vid Helsingfors universitet 2017-2020. Hon är också huvudredaktör för Historiallinen Aikakauskirja under åren 2016-2020 samt ordförande för Beställningshistorikcentralen sedan 2016.





Complete name: Lahtinen, Anu          ORCID id 0000-0001-6016-2253

Birth Year: 1975                                                        Nationality: Finnish

Home Page:


2015 Title of Docent (Docentship/, Finnish and Nordic History, University of Helsinki
2010 Degree in University Pedagogy (60 ECTS), University of Turku
2009 European Doctorate in the Social History of Europe and the Mediterranean, Università ca foscari Venezia, Italy – University of Groningen, The Netherlands
2008 Title of Docent (Docentship/, Finnish History, University of Turku
2007 PhD (filosofian tohtori) in Cultural history, University of Turku
2000 Master of Arts (Filosofian maisteri), Finnish history, University of Turku



1.1.2017 (- 2020) Professor (substit.) of history, Uni. of Helsinki (permanent position as a lecturer)




1.1.2018-     Senior lecturer in history, University of Helsinki (permanent position)

1.6.2013-31.12.2016 PI in a history project on the City of Hyvinkää, (50% time 1.2.2015-30.11.2015)

1.2.2015-30.11.2015 University lecturer (50% time) in Finnish and Nordic History, University of Helsinki

1.1.2010-31.5.2013 University researcher, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Uni. of Helsinki, partly funded by the Academy of Finland (2 yrs) and HCAS (1,5 yrs)

1.1.2009-31.12.2009 (-2011) Academy of Finland PostDoc, project Gendered agency. Access to and use of power in a sixteenth century Nordic local community, University of Turku

1.5.2006-31.12.2008 PostDoc Researcher, two Academy of Finland projects

2005-2006   Several doctoral student scholarships (totalling 16 months)

1.1.2003-31.12.2004 Graduate School of History, Uni of Turku (24 months)

1.9.2002-30.04.2003 Marie Curie Fellow, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

1.5.2000- 31.8.2002  Several contracts in Academy of Finland project Elites and Social Change 1500-2000.



5. CAREER BREAKS Maternity leave Aug 2010-June 2011, Nov 2012 - March 2013, total 16 months



2009-2011 A postdoctoral project Funded by the Academy of Finland (see work experience 2009, 2010-11)
2000- Personal research funding for travelling and research, amounts 500 e – 16 000 e


Supervision of ongoing /finished doctoral dissertations: 5 finished, 13 ongoing, 2 starting

Evaluation of 22 finished master's theses in history, ongoing supervision of ca. 20 master’s theses


2016-2018 Steering group of Towards a Roadmap for Digital History in Finland (Mats Fridlund, Aalto Uni) 2014-2017 Leader of research workshop series (Tieteen työpajat) on Gender, material culture and multidisciplinary analysis, 50 000 e (Finnish Cultural Fund) 
2013-2016 Leader of Gender & Family, Medieval to Modern project, 200 000 e, E. Aaltonen Fund

2011-(2019) Research & publication project of the history of nobility in Finland, co-leader with Marko Hakanen, Janne Haikari & Alex Snellman, funding ca. 30 000 e

2010-2015 Leader of several related book and research projects on the medieval and early modern parish life in the area of Rauma, Finland, funding ca. 140 000 e

2010-  Leader of the Nordic research network Medieval gender history with Christine Ekholst (Uni. of Stockholm, Sweden), funding ca. 40 000 eur

2008-2010 Leader of the Finnish section of the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme Network of Excellence, (Creating Links & Innovative Overviews for a New History Research Agenda for the Citizens of a Growing Europe)local budget ca. 75 000 e




Over 30 academic courses in history since the year 2000, given in Finnish, Swedish, and English
32 months experience in teacher positions (professor / lecturer)


9. EXPERIENCE OF ORGANISING SCIENTIFIC MEETINGS (highlights, tens of more organized)

2018  Nordic Local History Symposium, Helsinki 4.-7.6.2018, 30 participants
2013  Preparing for Death in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, HCAS, with Mia Korpiola, ca. 70 participants

2005  Nordic Gender History Conference, University of Turku, ca.150 participants, funding ca. 75 000e


2016              Science Communications Award, collectively distributed to Finnish scholars holding the title of docent by The Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists
2008              “Humanist Doctor of the Year”, the faculty of humanities, University of Turku
2008              An honourable mention by the committée choosing the "Science Book of the Year"



2 times an opponent at a doctoral degree (1 in Uni. of Oulu 2016, 1 in Uni of Stockholm 2011)

5 times a member of the evaluation committée (arviointilautakunnan jäsen) for a doctoral degree (5)

5 times a preliminary examiner (esitarkastaja) of a doctoral / licentiate thesis

5 times an expert in academic recruiting/evaluation process (5): 2016- (fellowship, docentship, tenure, lecturer)


Refereeing for Scandinavian Journal of History, Historiallinen aikakauskirja (Journal of History), Historisk tidskrift för Finland (Journal of History in Finland, in Swedish), Informaatiotutkimus (Journal of information research) Genos (Journal for genealogical studies), Kasvatus ja aika (a refereed journal for studies in history of education), Teologinen aikakauskirja (Journal on Theology), Kasvatus (Journal on Education)

Reviewing manuscripts for publishers Finnish Literature Society, Turku Historical Society, Finnish Church Historical Society, Gaudeamus, Turku Medieval and Early Modern Studies publication series


Important committee memberships and other important expert positions

2013-2016 Member of the steering group of Codices Fennici, a project for digitalizing manuscripts related to Finland by Finnish Literature Society

2012-2013 Member of the committée for digital persistent identifiers (PID) National Archives (Finl.) 2012- Member of the steering group of the digital Diplomatarium Fennicum, National Archives (Finl.) 2011-2014  Member of the EU funded Management Committée of COST Action IS1005 “Medieval Europe – Medieval Cultures and Technological Resources”

2000 Member of the Board of the University of Turku


Editorial merits
2016-(2020) Editor-in-chief of Historiallinen Aikakauskirja (Journal of History, JUFO 2 level, refereed) 2005-2014 Editor-in-chief of Ennen & Nyt (
2000- Memberships of several editorial boards of scientific journals and publishers



2010- Member of Turku Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Uni. of Turku

2008- Invited member of the Finnish Historical Society, 2016- in digital history committée

2008- Member of the Finnish Literature Society

2007- Founding member of the International Society for Cultural History

Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Finlands och Nordens historia, Docent, Helsingfors universitet

2015 → …

Finlands historia, Docent, University of Turku

2009 → …

Externa befattningar

Huvudredaktör, Historiallinen Aikakauskirja

1 jan 201631 dec 2020

Ordförande, Tilaushistoriakeskus



  • 615 Historia och arkeologi

Internationellt och inhemskt samarbete Publikationer och projekt inom de senaste fem åren.

Publikationer 1995 2019

Death with an Agenda: Preparing for an Aristocratic Death in Reformation Sweden

Lahtinen, A., 2018, Dying Prepared in Medieval and Early Modern Northern Europe. Lahtinen, A. & Korpiola, M. (red.). Brill, s. 124-141 17 s.

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/konferenshandlingKapitelVetenskapligPeer review

Dying Prepared in Medieval and Early Modern Northern Europe

Lahtinen, A. (red.) & Korpiola, M. (red.), 2017, Brill. 214 s. (The Northern World; nr. 82)

Forskningsoutput: Bok/rapportAntologi eller special utgåvaVetenskapligPeer review

Education of children in rural Finland: the roles of homes, churches, and manor houses

Lahtinen, A., 2018, Nordic Childhoods 1700-1960: From Folk Beliefs to Pippi Longstocking. Aasgaard, R., Bunge, M. & Roos, M. (red.). Routledge, (Studies in Childhood, 1700 to the Present).

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/konferenshandlingKapitelVetenskapligPeer review

Introduction: Preparing for a Good Death in Medieval and Early Modern Northern Europe

Lahtinen, A. & Korpiola, M., 2018, Dying Prepared in Medieval and Early Modern Northern Europe. Lahtinen, A. & Korpiola, M. (red.). Brill, (The Northern World; vol. 82).

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/konferenshandlingKapitelVetenskapligPeer review

Stepfamilies in Sweden, 1400 to 1650: the family in process between bloodlines and continuity

Lahtinen, A., 2018, Stepfamilies in Europe, 1400-1800. Warner, L. (red.). Abingdon ; New York, NY: Routledge, s. 38-55 18 s.

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/konferenshandlingKapitelVetenskapligPeer review

Projekter 2007 2018

Diplomatarium Fennicum

Heikkilä, T., Nuorteva, J., Lahtinen, A., Salonen, K., Lamberg, M., Salminen, T., Gejrot, C., Risberg, S., Ståhl, P., Andersson, R., Kristiansen Ugulen, J. R., Hedemann, M., Hansen, T., Adams, J., Devantier, M. & Leegaard Knudsen, A.

01/01/2007 → …

Projekt: Forskningsprojekt


Vuoden humanistitohtori

Anu Lahtinen (!!Recipient), 2008

Pris: Pris och hedersbetygelser

Vuoden tietokirja -kunniamaininta

Anu Lahtinen (!!Recipient), 2008

Pris: Pris och hedersbetygelser

Humanistisen tiedekunnan TUHAT-palkinto ansiokkaasta julkaisutoiminnasta

Anu Lahtinen (!!Recipient), 27 aug 2019

Pris: Pris och hedersbetygelser

Tietokirjaraadin voittaja 2017

Anu Lahtinen (!!Recipient), 2017

Pris: Pris och hedersbetygelser

Aktiviteter 2011 2017

Historiallinen Aikakauskirja (Tidskrift)

Anu Lahtinen (Chefredaktör)

Aktivitet: Typer för peer review av output och redaktionsarbeteRedaktör för vetenskaplig tidskrift

Karoliina Kemppaisen väitöskirjatyön seurantaryhmän jäsen

Anu Lahtinen (Handledare)
2016 → …

Aktivitet: ExaminationstyperMedlem i doktorsavhandlingskommitté

Tilaushistoriakeskus (Extern organisation)

Anu Lahtinen (Ordförande)
2016 → …

Aktivitet: MedlemskapstyperMedlemskap eller annan roll i organ inom privat företag/organisation

Uppsalan yliopisto, lehtoraattitäytön asiantuntija

Anu Lahtinen (!!Consultant)

Aktivitet: Konsulttyper!!Consultancy

Tiina Kuokkasen vastaväittäjä

Anu Lahtinen (Handledare)
19 mar 2016

Aktivitet: ExaminationstyperOpponent i doktorsavhandling

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Podcast-keskustelu: Entä jos historiaa ei enää opetettaisi?

Anu Lahtinen


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Intervju om Michelle Obamas inflytande

Anu Lahtinen


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Asiantuntijalausunto äitienpäivän historiasta

Anu Lahtinen


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