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My research focuses on the origin of large volcanic eruptions. Geochemical compositions of lava successions can be used to address the evolution of volcanic systems; what happened in subsurface magma chambers prior to eruptions and how magmas formed deep underneath Earth's crust. I am particularly interested in the greatest terrestrial magma eruptions, so-called flood basalts, which have not occurred during human existence. The most recent flood basalt eruption took place in the northwestern USA ca. 15 million years ago. The Yellowstonen supervolcano is a waning remnant of the great magma system. My research addresses a Jurassic (180 million years ago) flood basalt eruption which led to breakup of Gondwana supercontinent. Volcanic rock types generated during this eruption are still widespread in Antaractica and southern Africa.

My teaching focuses on first-year geologt courses "Geological processes" and "The evolution of Earth and life".


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