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Maîtrise, LL. M Law and Healthcare Ethics

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Céline is a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Law of Helsinki, dedicating her research to promoting an open debate on the legal and ethical issues pertaining to the legal status of the human species, and its biological deciphering, the human genome. She uses her funded research project entitled ‘Engineering the Human Species, Legal, Ethical and Anthropological Perspectives' as well as filming to address Biolegal issues in Finland and abroad. Céline has also been an appreciated teacher in European Medical and Healthcare Law for several years, developing solid competencies in pedagogy and new approaches to academic teaching.


Introduction to Bioethics and European Health Law (Helsinki Summer School, 2014, 2015)

Structures of European Health Law - General Overview (autumn 2017, 2018)

European Healthcare and Medical Law - a Bioethical Approach (spring 2018, 2019)


EU Substantive Law (autumn 2017, 2018, 2019)

Elements of Modern Law - Law, Science and Technology (February 2020)


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Forms and levels of legal protection of the human embryo in biomedical research in Finland and France

Mansnerus, J., Dujardin, C. & Lahti, R., 2019, Current Problems of the Penal Law and Criminology: Aktuelle Probleme des Strafrechts und der Kriminologie. Guzik-Makaruk, E. M. & Plywaczewski, E. W. (red.). Warszawa: Wydawnictwo C.H.Beck, s. 199-224 26 s. (Monografie Obcojęzyczne; vol. 8).

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'Wihuri 5' Project: Dissertation video diary: Engineering the Human Body, Legal, Ethical and Anthropological Perspectives

Aludaat-Dujardin, C., 13 jan 2018

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Max Planck Institute for European Legal History (Frankfurt)

Céline Dujardin (Deltagare)

jan 2020feb 2020

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Personalised Medicine in Europe, Prompting Biopolitical Foresights on Stratified Methods

Céline Dujardin (!!Speaker)

25 sep 201927 sep 2019

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Unfleshed Opus#3 Poetry of the Norm

Céline Aludaat-Dujardin (Deltagare)

7 okt 2018

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Criminalizing Human Germline Editing, Reflections on the Legal Future of the Genetically Modified Human

Céline Aludaat-Dujardin (!!Speaker)

11 okt 2018

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Unfleshed Opus#3 Poetry of the Norm

Céline Aludaat-Dujardin


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Unfleshed Opus#3 Poetry of the Norm

Céline Aludaat-Dujardin


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Céline Aludaat-Dujardin


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Céline Aludaat-Dujardin


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