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1995 …2022

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Carla Suhr is a University Lecturer who teaches courses in English linguistics as well as skills courses such as text analysis and academic writing. She is also an academic advisor for BA and MA level students. Her research focuses on (historical) (corpus) pragmatics, genre studies and (news) discourse analysis, and these are also topics she teaches in her linguistics courses. She has a strong interest in combining book history with her research into historical English texts. Her PhD (2011) dealt with the development of the genre of witchcraft pamphlets, and currently she works with early modern news pamphlets more generally and medical texts from the period 1500 to 1800. Since 2000, she has been a member of the Scientific Thought-Styles project – a part of the VARIENG research group – which has compiled a large corpus of historical medical writing, the Corpus of Early English Medical Writing (CEEMW).

Teaching in fall 2021: Contrastive Text Analysis, Academic Writing, Language Variation and Change (with Minna Nevala), BA Thesis Seminar

Teaching in spring 2022: Continuation of BA thesis seminar, BA level philology option course (with Maria Salenius): Game of History, MA level linguistics option course: Evaluation in texts

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Engelsk filologi, FD, Helsingfors universitet

Tilldelningsdatum: 16 dec. 2011


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