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My research capitalizes on the unique opportunities provided by the simple genetic architecture of salmon age at maturity, combined with the strengths of Atlantic salmon as a model for functional genomic, ecological and evolutionary research. Our aim is to link genotype, phenotype and fitness of this important life-history trait using approaches ranging from investigating the cellular-level processes in the laboratory to estimating reproductive success in completely natural populations. We also apply the knowledge we obtain for improving conservation and management of this iconic species. Over the years, my research has been funded by the Academy of Finland, ERC, EU as well as other local agencies. 


Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Ecological Genetics, Docent, Helsingfors universitet

Tilldelningsdatum: 30 nov. 1999

Molecular Genetics, PhD, Genetic Studies of Avian Microsatellite Loci, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Tilldelningsdatum: 15 okt. 1997

Science, BSc (Hons), La Trobe University

Tilldelningsdatum: 30 nov. 1991

Science, BSc, University of Melbourne

Tilldelningsdatum: 30 nov. 1990


  • 1181 Ekologi, evolutionsbiologi
  • 1184 Genetik, utvecklingsbiologi, fysiologi

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